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  • How much does Medicare cost?

  • What does Medicare include?

  • When and how should I sign up for Medicare?

  • Should I delay Medicare if I'm continuing with group insurance?

  • How can I avoid late enrollment penalties and gaps in coverage?

  • What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

  • How does Medicare Advantage differ from a Medicare Supplement plan?

  • Which of those best meets my medical needs and budget?

  • In addition to free service, what are other advantages of working with an independent broker?

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This New-to-Medicare Webinar is geared towards those turning 65

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"It's wonderful that I can now tell the Medicare callers that I have a broker I love and not to call back! I'm throwing stacks of Medicare junk mail away too. —Susan

"You helped me save money the first year, and have provided sound advice and excellent service every year since. What a difference it makes to have a broker I can call whenever I have questions! —Buddy

"It's so nice to have a broker I can trust! I had been sorting through piles of Medicare mail, trying to figure it out on my own. Laraine simplified my options and I'm excited about my new plan." —Kathleen

"I love how thorough you are. Thank you for researching the possibilities for me. I feel really good about proceeding with your recommendation." —Glen

"I followed my friend's advice and ended up with an expensive mess! Thank you for clarifying how Medicare works. I wish I could have talked with you months earlier, but I look forward to working with you when I retire." —Steve

"All these Medicare decisions and deadlines give me anxiety and stress me out! Laraine was so patient in explaining everything to me, making a recommendation suitable for me, and helping with through the whole process. —Yvette

"I really appreciate your thorough research and recommendations for both me and my husband. He had excellent care through his Medicare Advantage company before he went on hospice, and I've been very happy with my plan too. —June

"I'm a physician's assistant, so I'm familiar with healthcare but I wasn't sure how to advise my parents about Medicare. My uncle has been happy with you as an agent and suggested I call you. I appreciate you explaining everything so clearly and answering all my questions. I think my mom will be very happy with her plan.—Belinda

"Thanks for finding the perfect plan to coordinate with my CHAMPVA! My medications are so expensive that I really needed to keep CHAMPVA for meds (because they pay for all of them) but still needed a good plan for doctors and other care. The plan we chose gives me a lot of flexibility. I appreciate your help! —Carly

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Learn about the many options available to you when you start Medicare.

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We will invite you to schedule a private consultation to discuss your unique situation.

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